• zeronaLegal conflicts related to divorce have the potential to become contentious and escalate quickly. I work closely with his my clients to help them through what is often the most challenging time of their lives.
  • Anxiety and DepressionLegal issues in which a child is involved are often complicated and emotional. During this difficult time you require legal assistance that you can trust
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  • Arthritis CareIf you are engaged in a legal battle related to child support, it's vital to have representation you can trust.
  • Arthritis CareDivorce and alimony cases can be difficult to navigate and often emotionally charged.
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New business start up
We can get you started. We will help you sort through the various legal and tax requirements specific to your circumstances, including proprietorship, partnership or corporation choices. Design and set up an appropriate bookkeeping system, either manual or computerized.
Consulting for business
We will assist in loan application preparation, help you design processes to increase business efficiency, lend an ear to discuss problems and we can provide mediation services in some circumstances. helping in your CASH FLOW & PROJECTION statements to get financing a business loan.
  • Cash flow tracked monthly
  • Annual budgets and "brainstorming" ideas
  • Line by line expense analysis for cost savings
  • Payment plans for creditors
  • Consolidation proposals to "start new"
  • Wealth Creation consulting on investment of profits and RRSPs to get you going
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